Where and What to Eat in Seychelles – The Essential Eats of a Tropical Paradise

The Republic of Seychelles, located off the eastern coast of Africa is a truly unique nation. As a result of being in the Indian Ocean yet close to Africa, this nation has a very unique food culture.

The Basics of Seychelles Cuisine


The food of this nation is known as ‘Creole cuisine’, and is the amalgamation of French, African, British, Indian and Chinese influences. The two most common ingredients that are utilised throughout Creole dishes are fish and chilli. Due to their lush tropical nature, these dishes tend to always have fresh ingredients.


Snacks and Unique Dishes


Shark chutney is an iconic delicacy in Seychelles, and is full of tropical flavours. Octopus salad is a staple appetiser that is a general precedent to main dishes.


Fresh Seafood Delicacies


Grilled Red Snapper marinated in ginger and garlic served with salad and rice is greatly recommended. Tuna steaks that have been lightly fried in garlic butter and served with Creole sauce are another indulgent icon of Creole cuisine. These are sure to be staples in Seychelles restaurants, ranging from cafes to upscale eateries situated in resorts such as AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa.


Desserts and Drinks


Carotte Bananas are an exotic sweet-snack and involve bananas coated in honey and vanilla wrapped in banana-leaves and sun-dried. There are many liqueurs and alcoholic beverages such as Calou (a palm wine), Bacca (sugarcane liquor), and coco d’amour (a coconut liqueur) to sample as well.



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Why Seychellois Cuisine is a Reflection of the Country’s Multiculturalism – Food for Thought!

Due to its resplendence, the country has evolved in to a fine tourist destination with the larger of the islands boasting of many a Seychelles beach resort.

Fresh and Refreshing

The proximity to the African continent, the influence of passersby from Europe and the impact of the rich culture of the Asian neighbours are very apparent when you seat yourself to dine at any restaurant or hotel in Seychelles starting from AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa to the food bazaars down town. Many islands are self sufficient as far as their meals are concerned; therefore, you will only be served the freshest of seafood, vegetables and fruits.


Spice it Up
Spices play a key role in the food with coconut milk being the base for most gravy. Rice and breadfruit are a constant inclusion in their meal as a source of carbohydrate. The cooking of pulao rice and masala curries would have been adopted from Indian counterparts while the Chinese have introduced the consumption of giant crabs and pork.


The Indigenous List

In addition to these dishes that bear testimony to the presence of multiple cultures, there are items on any menu that are almost completely indigenous. For instance the locals consume a particular species of bats known as fruit bats and shark chutney which is a preferred accompaniment of rice actually does consist of shark flesh.


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Traditional Food in Seychelles – Savour Exotic Flavours


The ethnic diversity on this exotic island has significantly contributed to the food and cuisine here. Creole is a cuisine that is widely popular in the island and is easily available. There are a variety of ways to prepare Creole food. The regular and popular ones out of them are daube – which is a sweet sauce or a stew; there is also rougaille which is a tomato based which is often served with fish or sausages or as a side dish. The popular meat or fish dish is known as Carii Coco- which is a coconut cream based dish. Brèdes is a type of spinach dish that is native to the island. Seychelles restaurants are also best known for their seafood delicacies. The popular picks include red snapper, tuna steaks, parrot fish, barracuda and octopus curry. The cuisine often incorporates chillies as well as coconut milk, which is believed to be derived from its strong Indian influence. Continental food that uses herbs and garlic are also easily found. Fish and rice are regarded as a staple item in Seychelles. Stir fries are a popular way to consume locally caught seafood such as fish. In terms of veggies,Breadfruit is widely consumed fried or boiled. This is a fruit that has a nutty floury taste. A popular myth according to legends is that if someone travelling to the island consumes Breadfruit they are guaranteed to return to the island once again.


There are large numbers of tourists arriving on the island annually. There are a number of hotels spread across Seychelles. Most hotels such as AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa have dedicated restaurants to local cuisine as well as international cuisine. There are also many stand-alone restaurants across the island to savour into this mouth watering local delicacies.


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