Top Must-Sample Seafood Items at Rare at Residence

As one of the new eateries town Rare at Residence is fast becoming one of the top restaurants in Colombo and it’s mainly due to its exciting seafood menu items. As a restaurant which is based on the flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine the venue takes a novel approach to international dishes with a focus on Sri Lankan sourced ingredients and signature touches. The innovative and eclectic menu of Rare at Residence which is located in Park Street is what sets it apart from other similar endeavours in the Sri Lankan capital.

The seafood items on the menu are perhaps the most popular orders among its frequent patrons as it offers diners a little bit of everything with both flavour and ingredients setting the tone of the dish. Some of the most scintillating seafood dishes served at the venue include squid infused with arrack and oysters teamed with tomato oregano foam. The octopus with avocado and a lychee-Campari is nothing to scoff at either while scallops with tomato salsa is also the perfect starter for dinner. Crab cakes at Rare at Residence are not only served with plum tomato chutney from Nuwara Eliya but also a delicious lime Aioli. Cajun food fanatics can enjoy soft shell crabs teamed with mango/passion fruit salsa and wasabi cream while the dish named the Rare Seafood Symphony is a seafood lover’s fantasy with tiger prawns, cuttlefish, lobster and tuna entering the fray.

Taking various elements from regional cuisines as well as local staples the menu items such as Kalu Pol Lobster combine a traditional technique with a new base ingredient. Tourists in search of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine will also not be disappointed as some of the country’s staple dishes the likes of Pol Sambol and Roast Paan bread are served alongside its seafood mains. Asian favourites the likes of Laksa are also available at the locale which also offers a number of seafood infused Italian options.

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