Importance of a good breakfast – Begin your day right

Everyone knows that eating breakfast is the most vital thing to do to begin your day well, but do you ever wonder why you should? Read on.

The King Meal

For years now, our elders have asked us to never miss breakfast. They also say that one should eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a common man and dinner like a poor man. Meaning; a heavy breakfast, a medium lunch and light dinner.


Skipping breakfast leads to overeating at later meals like lunch or dinner say, experts and doctors. This will also help you maintain your weight over time, as your meals at the end of the day will not be as large as it would with no breakfast.

How to manage time

Even if you are late for work or have someplace to be, try your best to grab breakfast on your way. Top restaurants in Colombo offer healthy breakfast options now and you could stop at a place like Rare at Residence and have a bite before you go on your way.

Having the edge

Scientists also state that having breakfast daily gives you an advantage over the breakfast skippers by giving you better abilities to enhance your attention, memory, information processing speed, creativity and overall abilities that make one smart.

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Why Do You Need To Consume Organic Food? – Live Longer

In today’s busy world, eating organic food always comes highly recommended as a majority of food producers and suppliers add a ton of pesticides and other harmful products to local produce from meat to vegetables.


It’s Safer

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Organic products have no chemical or artificial ingredients added to it. A majority of commercially grown food has been injected with assortments of chemicals that help in ripening faster, growing bigger and killing insects.


It tastes better

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If raw fruits and vegetables already taste good, just imagine how much better they would taste without the harmful chemicals and toxins that ruin your health? Organic food is known to have a better taste and some of the best restaurants in Colombo use organic food such as Rare at Residence.


Avoid drugged food

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According to research, a load of drugs, hormones and antibiotics are regularly injected into meat products. It is known that the hormones injected into cows and chickens are generally passed on to the consumer’s diet. Organic meat ensures that the animal is fed a well-rounded and well-balanced diet.


Preserve ecosystems

Organic farms help preserve the ecosystems, as compared to the commercially grown ones that use harmful pesticides on their soil, damaging not just the crops, but also the earth.

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Health Benefits of Sri Lankan Cinnamon – The Wonder of Sri Lanka’s True Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most widely used ingredients in the world. All varieties of cultures and cuisines incorporate Cinnamon into their delicacies, both sweet and savoury. Despite this, many do not know that what they commonly refer to as Cinnamon is a similar substance known as ‘Cassia’. Cinnamon is widely produced in countries such as Sri Lanka, where only True-Cinnamon is utilised in top restaurants in Colombo such as Rare at Residence.
Although Cassia bears strong similarities, Ceylon Cinnamom, the true strain produced in Sri Lanka bears a darker colour and a sweeter taste. Both these strains have shared health properties which make Cassia a very healthy substance as well. They’re both anti-inflammatory, act as an anti-bacterial agent, and aid in the control of blood sugar. Additionally, Cassia and Cinnamon can both be used to sweeten food, acting as an alternative to sugar.
The difference between the two lies in Coumarin, a compound that is present in Cassia and is minimal in Ceylon Cinnamon. Coumarin contributes to liver damage, and is present sixty-three times more in Cassia than Cinnamon. Cassia can also be carcinogenic if used or consumed excessively.
Ceylon Cinnamon also has considerably more health-properties. Ceylon Cinnamon is a notable antioxidant, and can also be utilised to reduce gastric ulcers. One of the most recently discovered benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon is its ability to control the development and progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is however recently discovered data and human studies are yet to be conducted in order to discover the bottom line.
The fact of the matter is that although Cassia and Cinnamon both contain numerous health-properties, Cinnamon contains none of the drawbacks, has extra health-properties and has a sweeter taste. Therefore, it’s a clear cut fact that the latter is a more appropriate option.

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