Algarve Cuisine – Must Try Food in Algarve

Portugal’s scenic south coast, Algarve caters to foodies and families. Ensure to sample these foods when you are in this region.


Algarve, Portugal


Algarve, a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, rich in delectable cuisine, fine wine, and hospitable people is a luxury destination for you who seek leisure or culture. This region is famous its golf resorts and Mediterranean beaches.


Chicken Piri Piri


Grilled over the coals and made from a hot and spicy South African marinade, Chicken Piri Piri is a must try when you are in Algarve.


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Another famous and a typical summer dish, Sardines are the perfect grilling fish. These grilled to perfection Sardines are fresh, big and juicy and is served with mountain salad and boiled potatoes. If you’re ever taking a vacation in many Algarve Apartments the locale has to offer, such as The Residences at Victoria Algarve, be sure to indulge in as many restaurants as possible to treat your gastronomic senses.




The dishes vary from shellfish, meat or fish, cooked with sausages or bacon in Algarvean pots, customarily made from brass or copper.



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Portuguese and Algarve Cuisine to Try – Spectacular Portuguese and Algarve Cuisine


Regardless of whether a person is truly crazy about food or not, exploring an exotic cuisine can be a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Every nation has a unique culinary identity and no two are the same. One of the most interesting cuisines to sample is Portuguese and Algarve, the latter refers to dishes from the southernmost region of Portugal. This region is renowned as a tourism destination, and if you’re ever taking a vacation in many luxury retreats the locale has to offer, such as the Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort, be sure to indulge in as many Vilamoura Restaurants as possible to treat your gastronomic senses.


Its best to start off any culinary adventure with an appetiser, and probably the best one to do so with would be Zanahorias Aliñadas. A very simplistic dish, this delicacy consists of chopped carrots that have been tossed with olive oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano and some cumin. The flavour that results is unique and indulgent. Camarão à Casinha is another essential starter and consists of prawns in a rich sauce garlic-tomato sauce.


Portuguese cuisine is heavily based around sea-food, and one of the most essential traditional meals to sample is Bacalhau à Brás which consists of salted cod fish, potatoes, eggs and olives. Another incredible sea-food dish is Cataplana which is seasonal fish, various seafood, potatoes, chilli and onions cooked into a stew. An average portion of this is easily enough for two people.


A meal would not be complete without dessert, and one of the most delicious yet simplistic treats to try out are Flan, which are little tarts that contain either custard or cream-caramel. Bola de Bolacha is essential a mix between a biscuit pudding and a cake, and is easily one of the most genius inventions in the world of sweet treats.


If you ever find yourself in Portugal, be sure to sample the local food.


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Authentic Portuguese Cuisine to Try – The Joy of Portuguese Food

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The sovereign state of Portugal is a most intriguing country, and was the world’s very first true global empire. It is also a thriving tourist destination with a wide variety of attractions that grace millions of visitors every year. If you ever take a visit to Portugal, it is essential that you indulge in as many authentic Portuguese dishes as you can since the nation’s food is one of her greatest treasures.


If you find yourself in the famed ‘Algarve’s Golden Triangle’, then there are many Vilamoura restaurants for you to experience, such as Emo Restaurant, which situated within the Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort. In places such as these you will find expertly prepared takes on authentic Portuguese cuisine.


One of the most iconic Portuguese dishes is the Francesinha which is a sandwich that has been covered in melted cheese and doused in a special tomato sauce that is usually served on a bed of French fries. Sometimes a fried egg is place on top of the sandwich. The contents of the sandwich can vary, but most often feature a variety of meats.


Seafood is a staple of Portuguese cuisine, especially due to the coastal nature and maritime prowess of the country. You will discover many dishes such as Arroz de Tamboril, which is Monkfish that has been prepared in a rich broth of tomatoes and garlic which results in a form of stew. Rice is also incorporated into this stew which makes it similar to a risotto.


Areas such as Aveiro are famous for their eel dishes and although it might sound a little alarming to the layman, eating eels is perfectly safe, and not to mention, quite indulgent. Caldeirada de Enguias is a famous Eel stew that is flavoured with saffron and coupled with bell peppers. This dish is reputed to be perfect when paired with some regional white wine.


If you’re a foodie at heart then Portugal is definitely a place worth visiting.


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