Best Fried Chicken in Melbourne – Fantastic Fried Fowl!


When it comes to fried chicken that well-known franchise from Kentucky rules the roost as it were! But that being said, there are all kinds of different fried chicken varieties to treat your taste buds to, each with different flavours and each just as finger or fork licking good! If you are a connoisseur of such delectable delights or perhaps a foodie who is craving for some fried fowl when in Australia, here are some places where you can enjoy the best fried chicken in Melbourne.


If you like your chicken portions to be as huge as your appetite, then head on over to The B.East which is within easy reach of serviced apartments Melbourne CBD has to offer. Large portions of fried chicken that have been prepared to a Southern-style recipe come accompanied with ranch dressing (homemade) that add to the wonderful taste sensations. For dishes with a distinctive Asian influence, you can try Gami which serves up Korean-style fried chicken. Located around a 5 to 10 minute walk from Oaks on William, this well known dining venue has a unique preparation of chicken which incorporates a sauce that has a certain spiciness to it along with soy garlic and sweet chilli. An added benefit of dining here is the chance to enjoy your chicken with some famous house beer.


Tender chicken that has been fried till its golden in colour while having that essential crispiness is what you will find at Belle’s Diner. Much like Colonel Sanders, the chef here, Catriona Freeman has her own secret recipe for this spice infused scrumptious treat. If you are in the mood to sample another kind of KFC, try some St Katherine’s Fried Chicken! Maryland chicken is what is used here along with a rather distinctive preparation method that involves tomato soup and believe it or not… cornflakes!


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Specialty of Melbourne Coffee

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Photo by unsplash via Pixabay | CC0 Public Domain


Melbourne has a huge variety of coffee shops popping up around town by the dozen, which has left many spoilt for choice; Streets and cobblestoned laneways of Melbourne are filled with the aroma of espresso that emanates from a countless number of cafes. Here are some cafes to get your caffeine fix in Melbourne.


Manchester Press


Tucked away down a pretty cul-de-sac, Manchester Press is one of the city’s laneway legends that offer genuine coffee lovers a focused coffee menu. It is named after the printing press that occupied the building long ago. Manchester Press is quite a spacious café located down Rankins Lane in Melbourne with an old fashioned ambiance due to the old timbers and quirky junkyard installations that can be seen. This café is frequented by coffee and bagel lovers that fill up the place minutes after it opens. Even though you may be staying in one of the Serviced Apartments Melbourne CBD has to offer such as Oaks on William, there is no such pleasure like walking down the street to Manchester Press and sipping your favourite brew of coffee. This place is definitely worth going out your way to find.


Code Black Coffee


While this café caters to all your coffee delights providing a cozy rich ambiance that helps you to ease out from your stressful day, it is also is a reminder of the value of craftsmanship for the iGeneration. Located just off Sydney Road in Brunswick, you can drop by at this spot whether you are in for a rushed takeaway coffee or for a leisurely sip in experience. The specialist roasts and its craftsmanship are equally enthralling just as much as the cup of your favourite brew in front of you. The enormous in-house roaster is the center of attraction as you walk into the café while the sumptuous breakfast and lunch options are equal to the task of grabbing your attention.