Best African Dishes – Top 4 African Dishes!

Africa is a continent in which there are thousands of different cuisines blending and flowing into one another. It’s truly a place where a myriad of dishes can be found and all of them equally delectable! Want to find out about the best African dishes?


Ful medames – Egypt

A dish that’s almost as old as time, it consists of fava beans and spices cooked in olive oil. This dish is usually cooked overnight and consumed for breakfast with pita bread and eggs.


Breyani – South Africa

A one-pot dish, breyani is made of marinated meat, rice and spices with fried onions and boiled eggs. Popular at feasts for feeding a multitude of people, this dish is a classic.


Bunny chow – South Africa

An interesting street food dish, this consists of a bread loaf section hollowed out and filled to the brim with a piping hot vegetable or meat curry! The dish was brought to South Africa via Indian labourers.


Piri Piri chicken – Mozambique

Influenced by Portuguese cuisine, Galinha à Zambeziana is a portion of chicken cooked with lime, garlic and Piri Piri sauce. You can find it in almost any Mozambique restaurant that you look in, like restaurants at Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort for example.


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