Best Fried Chicken in Melbourne – Fantastic Fried Fowl!


When it comes to fried chicken that well-known franchise from Kentucky rules the roost as it were! But that being said, there are all kinds of different fried chicken varieties to treat your taste buds to, each with different flavours and each just as finger or fork licking good! If you are a connoisseur of such delectable delights or perhaps a foodie who is craving for some fried fowl when in Australia, here are some places where you can enjoy the best fried chicken in Melbourne.


If you like your chicken portions to be as huge as your appetite, then head on over to The B.East which is within easy reach of serviced apartments Melbourne CBD has to offer. Large portions of fried chicken that have been prepared to a Southern-style recipe come accompanied with ranch dressing (homemade) that add to the wonderful taste sensations. For dishes with a distinctive Asian influence, you can try Gami which serves up Korean-style fried chicken. Located around a 5 to 10 minute walk from Oaks on William, this well known dining venue has a unique preparation of chicken which incorporates a sauce that has a certain spiciness to it along with soy garlic and sweet chilli. An added benefit of dining here is the chance to enjoy your chicken with some famous house beer.


Tender chicken that has been fried till its golden in colour while having that essential crispiness is what you will find at Belle’s Diner. Much like Colonel Sanders, the chef here, Catriona Freeman has her own secret recipe for this spice infused scrumptious treat. If you are in the mood to sample another kind of KFC, try some St Katherine’s Fried Chicken! Maryland chicken is what is used here along with a rather distinctive preparation method that involves tomato soup and believe it or not… cornflakes!


Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


Top 10 Cheese Dishes Everyone Who Visits Melbourne Needs to Try – A Cheese Lover’s Haven

Melbourne is a paradise especially designed for cheese lovers. Many restaurants offer a great variety of cheese to any guest. The Spinach and Mushroom Empanadas, at El Alamo, Prahran, are a fine blend of cheese and pastry which offers a heavenly taste. It comes with spinach, parmesan, mozzarella and mushroom included inside as ingredients. Also in Prahan, you will come across raclette at Maker and Monger. This is an ideal place to visit if you need to taste quality grilled cheese. If you are a big lover of dairy products, raclette is for you. You will have an even better experience when you visit Brunswick East. Try the margherita pizzas in this area. They are eye-pleasing delicacies, especially with the attractive leopard spots spread out on the dough.


When you visit Melbourne CBD, you will get a chance to savour the Tiganites Patates at Gazi. With feta, garlic oil and oregano spread over, this gives you a fabulous taste. It is totally a different experience of traditional potato chips. If you are willing to shop for all the ingredients and are staying at one of the hotel apartments in Melbourne with a fully-equipped kitchenette such as Citadines on Bourke Melbourne, you can try recreating this dish yourself.


If you love egg yolk, try Croque Madame at Shifty Chevre, Fitzroy. The Elote Callejero at Mamasita is another unique experience with the proper blend of lime and chipotle mayo. The Lobster Mac & Cheese at Meatmaiden, Melbourne CBD, is an ideal cheese delicacy to enjoy with a glass of wine. For those who love burgers, the Double Patty Smash at Rockwell & Sons, Collingwood, is worth trying.


Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


Surround yourself with nature, good wine and good times at Yarra Valley

Tucked away amidst the refreshing and gorgeous hills of the region, the Yarra Valley sprawls on towards eternity in front of the bedazzled eyes of the tourists. Green is the surroundings and tranquil is the scene against the backdrop of a shot blue brilliant sky. Yarra Valley is a popular day tour and many tourists from across the globe are attracted to this area due to its effortless natural beauty and the many gifts of nature that it has on offer.

The wine industry is well and alive in this beatific location. Known as the home to Victorian wines, the visitors are treated to a wine tasting or two every now and then. There are around 70 wineries in the Healesville area as well as in the sublime little village of Marysville. Lush vineyards stretch on forever thriving in the soothing atmosphere of this magnificently calming region. Due to the gorgeously cool climate of the area, Yarra Valley produces beautiful chardonnay, pinot noir and bubbly sparkling wine within its fertile womb.

The Yarra Valley Dairy is also a considerable allure situated within the region. Part of the property “Hubertswood”, the Yarra Valley Dairy produces premium quality handmade farmhouse cheese alongside other dairy based products of excellent quality. This area is known for its history in cheese making where the early settlers established a cheese factory and buttery in the area. Therefore, rest assured, the visitors are often treated to beautifully cultured cheese and an assortment of locally produced wines at Yarra Valley along with other regional food that are sure to send your taste buds tingling.


Yarra Valley also features heritage railway rides and trolley rides with the aim of entertaining the visitors as well as educating them about the region. These rides can be arranged during the day or at night under the gaze of the stars. Many children enjoy having their birthday parties at the Yarra Valley Railway as well where a unique and exciting adventure is offered to them like they’ve never experienced before. If the tourists are in the region during the Halloween season, a must-check out is the Halloween Ghost Train held during the Halloween weekend that is sure to raise Goosebumps even in the bravest of them all.

While visiting Yarra Valley, it is important that a thorough search among hotels Melbourne is conducted in order to find that ideal place of lodging. The Langham Melbourne is a luxury Melbourne accommodation that would cater to every requirement of its guests while on this worthy expedition of discovering Yarra Valley.

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