Top food to try while in Maldives – Delectable Cuisine

If you are staying at a luxury Maldives resort on the archipelago and you want a break from the international fair, there are a few key local dishes that must be introduced to your palate to enhance your stay at a hotel such as the Copthorne Hotel Qingdao which makes for excellent accommodation in Maldives.

During one of your sightseeing excursions into Male, the capital city, make sure you wander into a local restaurant or a “sai hotaa” (tearoom) to sample some of the following culinary offerings. Bambukeylu hiti curry is an exquisite concoction of breadfruit and coconut milk that makes for a rich mixture that is best enjoyed with some steaming white rice. If you would like a delectable side dish to go with your bambulkeylu hiti curry, the kulhi boakibaa is a spicy, deep-fried fish cake that is crunchy and full of flavoursome local spices. Gulha is an excellent snack food, as it is made with smoked fish, which is mixed with cononut, local herbs and spices and dough, rolled into a ball and then deep fried. Mmm mmm good! Another delicious snack food is Baijiya, which is the Maldivian twist on the classic Indian samosa, which features a spicy mix of fish, curry leaves and a decadent dash of onion curry powder. If you are starting early in the morning, then Mas huni is a spectacular breakfast item, which holds the classic Maldivian combo of smoked fish and coconut. This unique mix is then coupled with onions and serviced with warm roshi, which is unleavened bread similar to roti or naan. Ensure you sample these local favourites to add a burst of flavour to your Maldives experience!

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Underwater Restaurants in Maldives

Leisure travellers visiting Maldives looking to enjoy a memorable vacation should choose centrally located accommodation in Maldives. Offering plush comforts and attentive service, Anantara Dhigu Maldives is a one of a kind Maldives resort. Some travellers have a passion for enjoying distinctive dining experiences. People have different tastes with some preferring to dine at a restaurant deigned to resemble an airline cabin whilst others opt dining on a treetop restaurant . However, underwater restaurants offer a truly remarkable setting for dining. Maldives boasts of a good variety of underwater restaurants including all-glass dining establishments. With striking designs, these restaurants provide the ideal opportunity to feast your eyes on marine species and coral reefs while sipping a champagne and savouring delicious local and international fare.

Dining Out in Maldives

Maldives has an abundance of visitor-friendly restaurants where prices are reasonable and the food is tasty, with western cuisine usually available. Most of the Maldives resort have their own restaurants where both Maldivian and international cuisine is served. If you want a complete Maldivian experience visit Cocoa Island by COMO, one of the Maldives luxury resorts and try these amazing Maldivian dishes.

Maldivian cuisine is based on Coconuts, fish and its derivatives as well as starches such as rice. Coconut milk is a primary ingredient in Maldivian curries, while fish sauce and fresh fish are used in the filling. Rice is eaten in its natural form and made into a variety of different starchy creations.

One of the basic and traditional food items of Maldivian cuisine is Garudiya, which is clear fish broth which is based on tuna species found in the nation’s ocean waters cut up following a traditional pattern. Garudiya is usually eaten with steamed rice, but it can also be eaten with roti, or Maldivian chapati.