Traditional Dhivehi Cuisine – Food culture of Maldives

The stunning archipelago of the Maldives may always be associated with gin -clear water, swaying palms fringing sparkling stretches of pristine shores, but it definitely has more to it, namely its spicy and flavoursome cuisine!



Unsurprisingly fresh fish is the star ingredient in the Maldivian cuisine , especially their tuna. The island nation is home to a wide variety of tuna species such as skipjack tuna yellow fin tuna among others. The fish is prepared in a myriad of ways such as by smoking, grilling and cooking. Visitors can try deliciously prepared tuna dishes at many a restaurant in Maldives by hotels such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas while there.



Known as kurumba in the local language, coconuts are quite literally everywhere and happens to be a vital part of the native cuisine and culture. It has also been declared as the country’s national tree.



Another staple ingredient used here , are starches. Some favorites include taro, sweet potatoes and cassava which are either ground into flour or eaten boiled or steamed.


Specialty Dishes

Some must try specialty dishes include the garudhiya, a Maldivian fish soup which is served hot with plenty of chilies, lime and rice. Another must eat include, kuhi boakiba which are delicious fish cakes prepared with smoked tuna and served at special occasions.


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Traditional Dishes of Maldives – A nation with a unique culinary identity

Have you ever wondered how Maldivian food taste like? From warming curries to delicious seafood, Maldives offers something special for everyone. Try out the array of cuisine on offer in this part of Asia.



Thanks to the surrounding turquoise waters in the Maldives, there is no surprise that fish is the staple dish in this island. Ranging from lobster delicacies, crabs and the freshest catch of fish, anyone who visits the island will come across an exquisite seafood platter. Maldive fish or processed tuna is often used as pieces in many curries. You’ll find different types of fish to try out including little tunny, yellowfin, and frigate.

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Mas huni

Seafood lovers, rejoice! This dish is similar to a salad with simple seasonings of shredded coconut and onions added to fresh tuna. It’s a quick and easy recipe which is also used as an appetizer. The dish gets a bit savoury because of turmeric and cumin.


Where to try out these dishes?

A good way to begin scouring the region for the very best of its cuisine will be to first check into a preferred choice of accommodation. Consider staying at one of the best resorts in Maldives the likes of Naladhu Private Island Maldives which features its own selection of restaurants that offer mouth-watering local and international delicacies.



Hedhikaa is a short-eat or a snack popular among locals as well as tourists visiting the country. The best time to savour this snack is in the evening when Hedhikaa is freshly baked and warm! If you are having it for the first time, try to have it with black tea or coffee.


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The Unique Flavours of Maldives – Zesty to the Last Bite!

The Maldives is a heaven known for its beaches of white, the palm trees and the clear blue waters of the ocean that surround the islands! However, did you ever think that the Maldives would have much to offer with their local delicacies as well? Guess not! Here are a few delectable flavours of Maldives that you ought to try!


Bis Keemyia

Crispy flaky and all you would look for in a samosa pastry! Yes, the bis keemiya is more of snack. The samosa pastry is stuffed with frizzled cabbage, seasoned onions and delicious hard-boiled eggs too. The recipe is surprisingly easy too for a delight that simply explodes with flavour with just one bite! Find this fine Maldivian delicacy in hotels such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas on your holiday here.


Boshi Mashuni

The name of the dish translates to banana flower salad and is great if your one to watch your weight! This healthy dish is a combination of blanched crunchy leaves, tangy lime with some spicy Maldivian chilli and onions along with turmeric, curry leaves and cumin that blend perfectly well to give that typical Asian taste!

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╚ DD╔ from Male, Maldives, Mashuni (382668832)CC BY-SA 2.0



The main ingredient of this fragrant fish soup is the lovely tuna fish. Cubes of tuna are cooked in water with curry leaves, garlic, chilli and onion. Once this is done the dish is seasoned with crispy fried onions and lime. The delicacy is simple to make and is awesome as a winter warmer or a summer soup too!


Saagu Bondibai

Dining in the Maldives is a delightful experience indeed and you cannot leave the table till you have a Maldivian dessert. Sago pudding is rarely eaten in this day and age; however, the strong taste of coconut milk combined with the flavour of cardamom and rose, and the sweetness of condensed milk is nothing short of amazing!

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