Seafood Dampa – To Relish the Toothsome Delights of the Sea

The lip smacking delights of the red veined amber creatures of the sea cooked and grilled to perfection, savoured and enjoyed while the vista of the sea serves as a feast for the eyes is indeed an experience that everyone wishes to have. Makati creates this memory ceaselessly every day for those who choose to find refuge in its tantalising presence and is indeed a place that you must most certainly visit when you are in Philippines, more so, if you are a fan of the toothsome concoctions of the delicacies of the seafood Dampa.

The best of tastes can be experienced here in its plethora of seafood restaurants which is a popular location among those who love the idea of dining by the sea, watching a splendid sun sinking in the horizon. Many cuisines can be savoured here that includes the traditional dishes of Philippines as well as Chinese, Continental and Asian to tantalise taste buds to yearn for more.

This place of bliss is equally popular among families that wish to enjoy bonding over a hearty meal, romantic lovers who seek the perfect spot to enjoy each other’s beautiful company as well as large groups of people with appetites to devour juicy delights of exquisite flavours.

The price at which the food is offered is average, but the taste is indeed above average, delighting those who love their food with its great value for the money they pay. The service levels are exceptional, with the desired dishes served fast, although of course you will not find the waiting time a thing to complain of, given the magnificence of the view that surrounds the area.

Somerset Olympia Makati is where luxury and comfort abide and can be considered if you wish to indulge in the endless pleasures of modern conveniences. Located strategically in the heart of Makati, apartments of this hotel are equipped with almost everything that the demanding traveller would require to call his holiday as the best experience ever.

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Street Foods in Makati – Culinary wonderland

Leisure traveller in Manila can opt for an option of serviced accommodation Manila has to offer. Somerset Olympia Makati offers some of the finest serviced apartments in Makati. No travel experience in Makati would be complete without tasting some of its street food. Try a bite of peppery shawarma or crunchy pork liempo or why not treat your taste buds to beef quesadilla or a cheesy chicken? Also make it a point to try out kwek-kwek or isol after dark. Right in the heart of the city you will find the best spot to satisfy your craving for a midnight snack or late night fix- Distrito offers a wide range of sumptuous delicacies.