Best street food around Riverside Bangkok – treat your taste buds as never before

You do not have to travel far to have the best culinary experiences. If you are looking for spicy food, look no farther than Asian cuisine. If you want a cuisine that goes a step further and combines spiciness, bold flavours and is easy on the wallet, try out Thai street food. Thailand is country is teeming with street food, so you’ll have plenty if options to choose from.


One of the main advantages of eating out in Thailand is that if you stick to street food which is available in abundance, it often ends up being much cheaper than had you prepared the dishes yourself at home. Even if you are staying at a well-known Bangkok resort such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort , head out into the city and do try out some of the local delicacies prepared by the side of the street.


In Bangkok, you will find a large number of street food vendors. Street food outlets here are generally known for offering good quality food at cheap prices. Commonly found in the street eateries are sticky rice, sliced, marinated and grilled pork neck, papaya salad, pork liver salad, pork soft bone in an Isaan soup, grilled chicken, raw vegetables and Isaan sour sausages.


One strategy to adopt in deciding which outlet to patronise is to keep an eye out and see whether there are a good number of locals visiting it. Even if the outlet is too busy, it might be worth the wait in order to eat from a trusted popular vendor. Before you head out on the hunt for street food, it might be handy to learn a few terms the locals use to order food. This will help you request correctly for the dishes that you want and enable you to better understand the options that ate available at the outlet.


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