Must Try Street Foods in Wan Chai – Eat Like a Hong Konger

Hong Kong cuisine is unlike anything else in the world, where the locals have taken western influences from the colonial days to unfathomable gastronomic heights.


Pineapple Buns


This is one of the most iconic street snacks of Hong Kong; these buns however don’t actually contain any pineapple though, but are sweet and pillow-soft, with a slice of butter placed into their centre.


Egg Tarts


This is essentially a hybrid of an English custard tart and a Portuguese pastel de nata, a kind of egg tart. Egg tarts have a uniquely eggy kind of custard that is heavenly when combined with the flaky pastry. These are an essential experience when dining in Hong Kong.


Fried Pig Intestines


Yes, these definitely do not sound appealing, but are still extremely popular among locals and tourists are like. Intestines are rolled and skewered before being fried. These are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, being full of flavour with a taste similar to that of bacon.


Egg Waffles


These consistently come out on top where popularity and indulgence is concerned, and are instantly recognisable due to their unique appearance, bearing a collection of spherical shapes similar to eggs in a tray. This is made by pouring the egg batter into a special griddle with cells. If you’re on vacation at a hotel such as Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong, be sure to head out and sample the king of Hong Kong street food!



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Restaurants and Bars in Wan Chai – Hong Kong’s Best Culinary Finds

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Dennis Wong from Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 蘇浙匯 (5214418095), CC BY 2.0


Even though China might have more Michelin Stars, Hong Kongers do have their way of subtly bragging about their culinary finds to the world. From the frothy unique brews to charcoal-grilled squid, bun cha pork and a mouth watering array of inventive food, the restaurants and bars in Wan Chai attract all kinds of tourists; foodies or mere gourmet lovers.


Hong Kong’s vast culinary landscape boasts international fusions, traditional recipes and innovative delectable creations. If you are planning to sample all these enticing flavours, look to stay at a centrally located Wanchai hotel where such amazing culinary endeavours can be experienced. Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong is one such property you can consider staying at.


For rich and refined gourmet treats, be it gourmet burgers or other exotic gourmet dishes, you can discover the finest culinary creations by merely taking a stroll down the heart of Hong Kong. When in Wan Chai, you can find eateries that serve the much revered traditional cooking of Hong Kong too. Casual eateries inspired by Hanoi’s bia hoi culture and other humble establishments of cheap eats are often frequented by savings-minded travellers. Picture yourself relishing the bursting flavours of an authentic dim sum dish for about $12 with a pot of sweet tea for brunch, looking into the busy streets of Hong Kong. If that is your kind of vacation, Hong Kong is the place to visit.


While you are looking for a post-meeting pint or a wild night out in the city before you get back to that busy life, spare a moment to enjoy the creative drinks offered at the mesh of bars that decorate the streets of the city. Do not miss out on inventive concoctions attempted by the bartenders down in Hong Kong since they are inspired to be innovative in infusing authentic Hong Kong flavours to their list of signature drinks.


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Lei Yue Mun Seafood Dinner Cruise – Chasing the yum across the harbour

A wonderful experience awaits you at Hong Kong’s Eastern harbor where Lei Yue Mun Seafood Village hosts the quintessential seafood paradise. There are so many reasons why holidaymakers flock to this spot, the gourmet cuisine of Chinese tradition being one. It is hard making a choice of which fresh seafood you would like to have for the evening when there is just so much variety available at the stalls and tanks. The best part that the whole gastronomical experience is completely customized to how you want it so you can be sure that they will cook it for you just the way you like it and there are many restaurants of Lei Yue Mun which you can choose from. The biggest reason that this is the hub of activity is the evening cruise to the village which is offered to people here which promises and delivers the most incredible evening of dining you could possibly imagine. You can take a journey across the waters and take in the breathtaking views and even make a stop at Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong while making some truly incredible memories that’s worth every cent you pay. The cruise takes you to Lei Yue Mun Seafood Village where you can take a shirt stroll by the beach before heading to the restaurants for a delicious Chinese seafood dinner that prepared to perfection just for you.


This is an opportunity seafood lovers would not even think of turning down. There is nothing better than relishing an amazing meal of your favourite after travelling through Victoria Harbour and catching sight of the Hong Kong harbor further out at sea where it shimmers and glistens in the moonlight. You will be passing many beautiful sites such as hotels in Wanchai Hong Kong and Causeway Bay and even the newly installed Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. The busy marketplace atmosphere of the seafood village is a pleasant contrast and it is really humbling and enjoyable walking through the market and watching the people at work fiercely at the stoves or hungrily devouring tasty morsels of seafood.


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