Fun Ways to Make Healthy Food – Especially for Your Children

Getting children to eat healthily is one of the great struggles faced by parents, and many eventually succumb to giving their children what they like since it’s the easy way to get them to eat.

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Shrink Everything

Children love it when they’re made to feel bigger, this phenomenon even applies to humans in general but is a lot more evident in kids. Serving bite-sized portions of food on tiny serving utensils will fascinate them greatly and will lead them to enjoy their food.


Create Scenery or Landscapes

Many children are very imaginative creatures, and if you create a scene out of the food you’re serving, then they would greatly enjoy pretending to be monsters or massive creatures and eating various structures made out of food.

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Muffin Tray Meals

This is a simple concept and it works wonders. Arrange all the food into the compartments of the muffin tray without mixing them, the visual aesthetics of this alone will compel children to eat the food.


Offer Fruits and Veggies as Snacks

If your child is hungry while food is being prepared, serve them some fruits or veggies as an appetiser. Due to the lack of choice, they’ll be more likely to eat it without complaining. Fruits are generally are one of the easiest grocery products to obtain, and readily available at places such as Keells Super.


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Healthy cooking oils – And their amazing health benefits

Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed oil – America’s original trans free vegetable oil |Cottonseed Oil via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Everyone is looking for healthy replacements with fitness craze taking over the world. It is easy to be overwhelmed with the large array of cooking oil choices they have at the supermarkets.


Coconut oil contains over 90% of saturated fats which lead has lead to a disbelief spread among many people that coconut oil is not good for health. In reality, it is totally harmless and a safe source of energy for humans. It has powerful health benefits; it is particularly rich in lauric acid, which helps prevent heart problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.


Intake of coconut oil can boost metabolism, maintain healthy lipid profiles and compared to other fats, it also increases the feeling of fullness. Ensure to pick virgin coconut oil when you choose grocery products for the household and this oil can be purchased at Keells Super or any other supermarket. Apart from preventing high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, coconut oil also improves bone strength and dental health and heals liver kidney diseases and damaged tissues.


Containing natural oil extracted from olives, olive oil is well known having strong anti-inflammatory properties and is believed to be the main reason for health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Studies show that those who consume olive oil have a lower risk of developing stroke, reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes if combined with a Mediterranean diet, beneficial for weight loss and also it may help prevent cancer.


Derived from the crushed seeds of the Canola plant, Canola oil has no cholesterol and contains the least amount of saturated fat, making it extremely beneficial for health and the healthiest cooking oil among its peers. Studies have shown that Canola oil reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), lowers the risk of various heart diseases, fights aging and acne, treats infection and much more.


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