Guide to Street Food in Sri Lanka – Spicy, Flavourful and Delicious!

Sri Lanka is home to a distinctive cuisine and the country’s streets are filled with stalls and restaurants that serve some of the most interesting and delicious comfort food.

Image by ALPHA of Plain roti – Rich Maha (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Egg Hoppers

Hoppers are an easy to eat Sri Lankan Staple that is basically a pancake bowl served with eggs and hot chilli sambal. A typical egg hopper has a crunchy exterior and the bottom is soft and gooey with the partially cooked egg.

Pol Roti

Pol Roti is the Sri Lankan version of flatbread that is made with scraped coconuts, flour, water and salt. This dish is also eaten with sambols or chutneys. You can find this dish at many restaurants scattered around Sri Lanka the likes of Rare at Residence which is a restaurant that lets you enjoy fine dining in Colombo.

Short Eats

The Term Short eats in Sri Lanka means an assortment of snacks that are eaten almost at any time of the day; you can have these savoury treats at almost all the hotels in the country. The variety of food served as short eats range from deep fried Chinese rolls along with many other fried goodies to perfectly baked buns with savoury potato and fish fillings.

Kottu Roti

It is very hard to end this list without mentioning Kottu Roti, It is by far the most loved street food of Sri Lankans. It is made from thinly cut strips of Gothamba Roti, finely chopped vegetables, egg and your choice of meat with a lot of spices and gravy.

Wine & Dine in Colombo – A Rainbow of Choices

In the isle of Sri Lanka, your adventures will take you beyond tropical pleasures to places where the food is beyond compare. The capital of the country is a meeting place for all cultures and in this busy city the kitchens are even busier! Wondering where to start your gastronomical journey in a delightfully ‘tipsy’ fashion? Start at Cinnamon Red Colombo an interesting Colombo City hotel that balances luxury with affordability. As far-fetched as it would seem to maintain a balance of this kind, the two restaurants and the rooftop bar serve as proof of the uniqueness of the hotel. Dine at “Stirred” and “Flavoured”, step onto the elevator to be taken to the rooftop. At “Cloud Red”, you can sip a boozy concoction of your preference while enjoying the breathtaking skyline of Colombo. Such views would only intensify your urge to wander through the city in search of extraordinary restaurants and bars of a similar kind.

Cinnamon Grand Colombo should be next on your list. The hotel houses an incredible amount of restaurants that specialize in food from around the world. You name it, they have it. The Lagoon is one such restaurant that adds a spin to all the seafood you love. Out in the open, you can also choose to indulge in some Sri Lankan treats. Nuga Gama is a neat village that serves up an authentic and mouth watering array of island dishes. Finally watch your favourite game at the Cheers Pub with a glass of beer or fruity cocktail in hand.

It would be a pity if you end your food safari in Colombo without exploring the restaurants at Cinnamon Lakeside. Drift towards the lake and you will find the hotel’s star attraction, 7 degrees North. Here’s a place where you can wine and dine in style. Sushi fans will also be delighted to find that the lobby lounge in the hotel magically transforms into a sushi bar. Make it a point to witness the magic.
Dining and enjoying a simple drink in Colombo would be an unending voyage, but at least you know you have started in just the right places.


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A street food journey in Bangkok – Range of culinary delights, every step of the way

It is official – research done by Lonely Planet and feedback from seasoned travellers crown Bangkok as one of the best cities in the world for food lovers. Although you may have a penchant for gourmet dining, the real delight for your palette lies in exploring the plethora of street stalls in Bangkok.

When looking for a suitable place to stay in Bangkok, you can opt for a fully-fledged hotel or the convenient luxury of an apartment hotel. Bangkok offers a wide range of accommodation spaces for you to choose from, depending on the number of people you are travelling with and level of luxury you are looking for. The Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkokis located in the centre of the city, placing you close to many of the food stalls, shopping malls and other attractions.

Some of the more popular street food stalls are Sukhumvit Soi, Victory Point, Yaowarat (Chinatown), Chatuchak Market, Ratchawat Market, Charoeng Krung, Bang Khun Non, Petchaburi Soi 5 and Patpong Night Market.

Thai food is an absolute delight for your palette. You’ll find many dishes to be rich with ingredients such as lemongrass, chillies, coconut milk, fish sauce and shallots. The secret to these delicacies is the unique combination of the four basic tastes, sweet, sour, salty and spicy – a delicious convergence of tastes in a variety of delightful dishes.

Most dishes consist of rice or noodles. However, unlike rice, the ordering process for noodles can be a tad complicated due to the variety that is available. Some dishes you can try are – ‘kaao pad’ (fried rice), ‘pad thai’ (stir-fried rice noodles), ‘pad kaprao’ (stir-fried meat with holy basil leaves), ‘moo satay’ (grilled pork on a stick), ‘kai jiaow’ (Thai-style omelette) and ‘moo kratium prik thai’ (stir-fried pork in garlic and pepper), ‘kaao mun kai’ (rice and steamed chicken) and ‘hoi todd’ (oyster omelette). Don’t forget to treat yourself to some traditional Thai desserts while you are there!


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