Dining In Seminyak Bali – Get a Taste of Indonesian Cuisine Done Right

Bali is often referred to as the ‘Island of the Gods’ and those who visit will see that the title is no exaggeration. The little Indonesian island has been delighting thousands of tourists for years with its gorgeous beaches and picturesque landscapes. While this tends to leave some of the more popular areas a little crowded, one can still find enough quiet regions that are untouched by the masses. Travellers who want the magical island all to themselves avoid visiting during the holiday seasons which runs from April to June and August to September.

Bali is divided into several regions and they each have something to offer. While Kuta is by far the most developed region, boasting some of the best shops and restaurants on the island, it tends to be get crowded. Those who want to enjoy good restaurants and bars without having to deal with crowds should consider staying in Seminyak. A little more upscale than Kuta, Seminyak is renowned for its food and boasts some of the trendiest seafood restaurants on the island. It is the ideal destination for those who want to experience the best of Balinese cuisine.

The restaurants in Seminyak cater to a variety of budgets. Those who want to splurge a little and enjoy a great meal will find a number of great eateries such as the Queen’s Tandor, Sarong, Sardine, La Lucciola and Waroeng Bonita. For dining on a daily basis there are a number of inexpensive options too. Places like Kolega, Café Tahu, Baku Dapu, and Warung Batavia offer a cosier atmosphere with great food. There are also numerous street hawkers that serve excellent Indonesian fare at very low prices. Try stalls that are a little crowded as that is usually an indicator of quality.

Tourists looking for a quiet boutique hotel Bali in Seminyak can try the L Hotel Seminyak. The Bali luxury hotel enjoys a delightful location near the ocean and boasts a plethora of excellent services that are meant to make guests feel at home. With a terrific lounge and restaurant, one need only sit back and relax as the hotel delivers the best that Bali has to offer.