Culinary Delights in Bangkok – Culinary delights beyond the norm

The street food in Bangkok also reveals some little wonders. During the shopping and site-seeing sojourns, the exotic fruit and juice vendors provide relief from the hot sun. The jackfruits, guavas and pineapples are must-haves. The juices are thick, wholesome and fresh. Also, a swig of the acai berry juice stashed in ice-boxes and sold on the sidewalks is very refreshing and tasty. For those who like to eat the insects and animals that one would only be familiar with through lab experiments, they are available everywhere, fried by the dozens and ready to be devoured. Thai food is generally healthy, and authentic Thai cuisine is available almost everywhere. Dining in Bangkok is an amazing, unique experience. The AVANI Atrium Bangkok is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bangkok, with over 585 elegantly and stylish suites and rooms, spread over 8 different types of suits. This beautiful hotel is located on a prime location, which is ideal for both business and leisure travelers. Dining offered at the hotel is legendary, and a unique option of 24 hours of dining is offered.

There are tiny kiosks outside, on the streets selling crisp waffles, hot donuts, Thai coffee and tea. The jasmine iced tea feels like heaven. Iced tea is served with milk in Thailand and a tall glass of green jasmine iced tea gets one all recharged and set to walk through the endless shopping malls in the city. For those who prefer drinks, there is amazing Thai bee to try out. Popular local brands are Chang and Singha – both lagers. Thai jasmine rice is delightful, as there is a natural aroma and flavor and is quite unlike the basmati rice, which is found elsewhere around the world. Thai curries are very rich, with lots of fresh seafood and different flavors and concoctions. The thickness of the coconut curries are very rich. Food served in Thailand are very generous in potions, and the food prices are very reasonable in almost all the places.

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What to Eat in Nusa Dua – Enjoy the Culinary Delights of Bali

Glorious white sand beaches and loads of sunshine are yours to enjoy in the luxurious tourist resort of Nusa Dua Bali, while browsing the many authentic eateries around the area is a sure treat to look forward to after a day of sun, sand and surf. Travellers looking for a luxury resort, Bali will find Nusa Dua is home to quality lodging and for a touch of luxury and comfort you could choose the Laguna Resort & Spa Bali.

This gorgeous resort will soon have you relaxed and enjoying the holiday vibes. Designed for maximum comfort and space the sunny hotel is located right on the pristine white sand beaches of Nusa Dua. Overlooking the Indian Ocean the hotel is surrounded by 5000sqm of lagoon for bathing in. The stylish villas are a touch of class and together with the well-appointed rooms offer beautiful garden or lagoon views. Encompassing the holistic nature of Bali the villas and rooms are designed for rejuvenating mind body and soul.

Nusa Dua is a mix of high-end dining and traditional cafes. Nusa Dua shopping mall is a good place for browsing varied restaurants in a small space while breezy beachfront restaurants are a great option for enjoying the scenery and good food. Savour delicious grilled fish, satay and juicy spicy chicken flavoured to perfection at the inexpensive street cafes while the pricy up-market restaurants are worth a shot for excellent quality dishes prepared by qualified chefs.

Indonesian and Pan-Asian dishes are found at the breezy open air cafes also offering fresh sandwiches and creamy soups. Remember its best to decide on your dining options before setting off for a meal in Nusa Dua, in order to enjoy the variety and flavour there.

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