Cuisine in Hong Kong – Taking Your Taste Buds on a World Tour!

Much like the multicultural elements that make up Hong Kong society, the city’s cuisine features an eclectic array of tastes and aromas from around the world. If you are looking for a well placed Hong Kong hotel from which to set off on your gastronomic adventures, then consider Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong. This Wan Chai hotel Hong Kong has to offer can be found in the Causeway Bay area and makes an ideal starting point for your excursions.

While Cantonese dishes figure prominently when it comes to cuisine in Hong Kong, one can also find Asian and Western dishes here as well, along with truly unique fusion dishes. Be it charming hawker stalls on the roadside to elegant upscale restaurants, Hong Kong provides a variety of settings in which to savour this range of dishes. Among the popular ingredients used in Hong Kong cuisine are Chinese cabbage, dried shrimp, red bean, century egg and lotus seed. Look to try dishes such as crispy fried chicken, siu mei, pork knuckles and har gau along with distinctive local beverages such as Hong Kong-style milk tea, soy milk and sugarcane juice.

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