Locating the best coffee-spots in Adelaide – A hot cup from Adelaide

The only thing more comforting than the smell of a warm cup coffee hanging in the air is the taste of it. Adelaide has more than its fair share of coffee spots catering to the large population of coffee drinkers. Cafés are constantly busy with people buzzing in and out of stores.

The Coffee Club conveniently located a minute away from Oaks Embassy is Australia’s largest home grown café group with over 400 stores throughout 8 countries and anyone looking for serviced apartments in Adelaide, would definitely enjoy the modern amenities that this serviced apartment offers! The Coffee club is known for their good food, great service and excellent coffee.

Nutrition Republic offers natural, raw and organic products include organic espresso and an elixir bar. With a lengthy coffee menu, they also offer a variety of milks; including regular milk, almond, rice or coconut. La Moka, located in Peel Street gives its guests a unique cup of coffee with a variety of other items from the menu to choose from. La Moka is one of the strong contributors to the coffee culture.

For a more elegant café, Monday’s Coffee Store with its white titled benches are ideal for sipping coffee with the aroma of fresh pastries tingling your nose. La Madeline is designed to transport you to a road side café in France, as most of the staff are French and the air is cramped with the smell of freshly baked baguettes and other goodies.

The Flinders Street Project is a coffee store experience on its own. A mesmerizing ceiling covered with wood spoons, this store has a variety of fresh baked goods and delicious coffee!

Sad Café is gaining popularity for its unique indie feel to the store. Indulge in their variety of fresh baked bagels and delicious coffee that seems to be the best selling product at the store while listening to the vinyl, which adds to the unique atmosphere of the whole place. The Exchange Specialty Coffee store is a little bit of London in the midst of Adelaide. They serve exceptional espresso and filter coffee and tea.

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