Street Food in Riverside Bangkok – A Treat for the Taste Buds

If you want a cuisine that goes a step further and combines spiciness, bold flavours and is easy on the wallet, try out Thai street food. Thailand is teeming with sobme of the best Bangkok restaurants, street food, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


Victory Monument

The Victory Monument area is considered to be a great locality in which to enjoy outstanding street food in Bangkok. This is not surprising as the locality is one of the city’s primary transportation centres where countless commuters arrive and depart to various destinations in the city.


Yaowarat (Chinatown)

Bangkok’s splendid Chinatown, called Yaowarat in the local language, without any doubt offers some of the finest street food in the entire city. Since only the best street food stalls can survive the competitive business environment in this part of the city, it is not surprising that only the finest remain.


Ratchawat Market and Sriyan Market

You will probably encounter Ratchawat first, where you will find a splendid array of street-side restaurants offering treats such as Kobe beef noodles, roast duck and many other flavourful dishes. Be sure to reserve your stay at a centrally located hotel such as AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel which offers close proximity to the best street food in town.


Bang Khun Non

This well-reputed street food district is renowned for featuring some of the finest street food in all of Bangkok. You will find some outstanding restaurants in this locality, serving up delicacies like pork leg over rice (khao ka moo), pink noodle soup (yen ta fo) and pbet yang (roast duck).


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Healthy Thai Food Choices – Eat Smart and Stay Healthy


Thai cuisine is favored alike in the Asian continent and other parts of the world, as a healthy choice of food. Making smart food choices is the secret behind having a perfectly healthy meal served to you in one of the best Bangkok restaurants that you may come across. It is not very difficult to find one, as there is a long list of options like the AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel. Most Thai dishes are diet friendly, but it is best to take a closer look at the menu before you start making your order if you want to be sure that you will avoid taking up any unnecessary calories.


A standard Thai meal comes with a lot of fresh veggies or salads, curries, and meat alongside the main dish of rice or stir-fried noodles. They are usually flavored with a generous hand, using a lot of spice and salt. The main ingredient in Thai curries is coconut milk, and the frying is carried out with coconut oil. Research says that coconut products are rich in lauric acid, which can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases; however, you might want to skip deep fried food to be on the safer side. Thai fried rice is rarely a smart choice as it contains a large excess of oil. You will note that most of the appetizers like grilled meat or satay are served with thick spicy peanut sauce. This is also not very welcoming to healthy eaters. Summer rolls filled with fresh veggies wrapped in thin rice paper are a safe bet. Clear broth soup with vegetables, meat or shrimp is also free of high calories. It is also important to be on alert when you are ordering strong black tea or iced tea as they contain a large amount of sugar.


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Most Popular Thai Food – Delicious Dishes You Will Want More and More


Thai cuisine has made its mark on the global food scene and visitors to Thailand always seek opportunities to sample traditional Thai dishes which are generally rich and flavourful. These delicious dishes are served in a range of places from wayside stalls to star class hotels. In the Thai capital of Bangkok, Thai food can be had at roadside stalls, floating markets, hotels and best Bangkok restaurants. If you are looking to sample delectable Thai cuisine in comfortable surroundings with arresting views then AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel would be a good choice.


Perhaps the most popular Thai dish on the international food scene is Pad Thai (fried noodles). Either thin or wide noodles are cooked in a searing hot wok along with onions, eggs and bean sprouts and flavoured with fish sauce, sugar, chili powder and freshly ground peanuts. The spicy shrimp soup Tom Yum Goong is another perennial favourite among Thai dishes and has the quintessential Thai aroma. Succulent fresh prawns, straw mushrooms, lemongrass, chilli, galangal and lime juice are combined to create a typical Thai blend of hot, sweet and spicy tastes. Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry) is another hot Thai favourite. It is made of meat, red curry paste, coconut milk and sprinkled with chopped kaffir lime leaves. Salads figure largely in Thai food and Yam Nua is a spicy salad made with tender beef strips, coriander, spearmint, lime and dried chillies. Rice is also an important feature in Thai meals and Khao Pad is a popular fried rice. The ingredients are rice, egg, onion and herbs and it is served with a wedge of lime and cucumber slices. Prawns, crabs, chicken, chillies and vegetables can also be added. Massaman Gai reflects outside influence on Thai food as it incorporates a Persian influence. This dish is made of chicken, potatoes, coconut milk and flavoured with roasted peanuts, cinnamon, bay leaves, tamarind sauce and sugar.


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