Must-Try Authentic Local Food in Bangkok – Experience Thai Cuisine at its best

Those who love food would know that all brilliant flavours are not confined to Michelin Star restaurants. Sometimes the authenticity of the dishes is truly brought out in the dishes served at the local eateries in town. Here are a few unique dishes to get a taste of.


Thai Cuisine

Thailand is renowned as a foodies’ heaven. The reason for this is most probably the fact that the country is filled with award-winning restaurants and the street itself is packed with eateries and hawkers preparing wonderful food that smells tempting!


Pad See Ew – Thai Stir-Fried Noodles

Commonly seen sold at hawker stalls and even restaurants in Bangkok, Pad See Ew is much loved by many. The dish includes a mix of wide rice noodles seasoned with vegetables like cabbage or Chinese broccoli and pan-fried with a meat of your liking. Add some dried chilli flakes for some spice.


Kluay Tod

Kluay Tod is a delicious dessert made of deep-fried bananas covered in a batter of desiccated coconut and sesame seeds. The dish might sound a little queer, but the taste of those golden, crispy treat is something you will remember for sure.


Som Tam

As we all know, Thai seafood dishes are the best, you just must try Som Tam! This is a great delicacy where the main ingredient is shrimp. Papaya, tomatoes and carrots are mixed with lime juice. Whet your appetite with hotel deals in Bangkok at hotels like Emporium Suites by Chatrium.


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Foodie’s Guide to Sathon Bangkok – Satisfy those cravings

If you are a foodie and read food blogs often, then it comes as no surprise that Thailand, specifically Bangkok is one of the most famous foodie hubs in the world! Given below are a few restaurants to check out when in Sathorn:

French Cuisine in Sathorn

For all those Ratatouille fans out there in Sathorn, why not hop into Arno’s Butcher & Eatery? Try exquisite French dishes made to perfection at one of the most sought after Sathorn restaurants. For a more high0end dining experience, head over to L’Atelier.

Eat Italian Cuisine|Img by: lukasbieri via pixabay| CC0

Thai Cuisine in Sathorn

When in Thailand, how can one possibly miss out on the local cuisine itself? Apart from restaurants at classy hotels like Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok, a few restaurants like Benjarong specialise in fine dining when it comes to Thai cuisine.

Italian Cuisine in Sathorn

Step into Il Bolognese and feel like you’ve stepped into Italy itself! From the red brick pizza ovens to the well-groomed waiters this place has it all! Not to mention the delicious menu including all the Italian favourites.

International Cuisine in Sathorn

Got that Caesar Salad on your mind? Bird’s Rotisserie is the place to find that sort of international cuisine you want to taste. Dig into some delectable dishes here.

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Foodie guide to Thailand – A food lover’s paradise

Being a nation that is a melting pot for a variety of cultures and ethnicities, Thailand boasts an amazing cuisine. Read on to know more about this country’s amazing food culture.


Finding the right place

Thailand is a nation where one could never go hungry. This is because there are footstalls and restaurants at almost all areas of popular cities. But if you are looking for a place to experience and enjoy authentic Thai food it could be a little difficult as more shops have altered their ingredients and preparation methods to delight the western taste buds.



Bangkok is the culinary capital of Thailand. It is home to a variety of restaurants ranging from the highest end Bangkok resorts to affordable eateries. While you are in Bangkok you could also enjoy international cuisines such as Chinese, Korean, Indian and even Italian. The Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort is one of the many places where you can enjoy intercontinental food.


Visit northern Thailand

If you wish to taste authentic Thai Cuisine in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, in particular, is the place you might want to visit. Here, one could taste a variety of food items that are exclusive to this region. There are also places which offer you cooking classes and this is certainly one of the regions that shouldn’t be missed for foodies.


Visit the coastal regions

Popular coastal destinations such as Phuket, Pattaya, Chanthaburi along with many others all have one thing in common that is Seafood. One could taste the freshest catch directly from the sea upon visiting any of these cities. Thai crab curry, fried fishcakes, ginger steamed fish, Thai sushi are some of the food items you must try.


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