Street Food in Riverside Bangkok – A Treat for the Taste Buds

If you want a cuisine that goes a step further and combines spiciness, bold flavours and is easy on the wallet, try out Thai street food. Thailand is teeming with sobme of the best Bangkok restaurants, street food, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


Victory Monument

The Victory Monument area is considered to be a great locality in which to enjoy outstanding street food in Bangkok. This is not surprising as the locality is one of the city’s primary transportation centres where countless commuters arrive and depart to various destinations in the city.


Yaowarat (Chinatown)

Bangkok’s splendid Chinatown, called Yaowarat in the local language, without any doubt offers some of the finest street food in the entire city. Since only the best street food stalls can survive the competitive business environment in this part of the city, it is not surprising that only the finest remain.


Ratchawat Market and Sriyan Market

You will probably encounter Ratchawat first, where you will find a splendid array of street-side restaurants offering treats such as Kobe beef noodles, roast duck and many other flavourful dishes. Be sure to reserve your stay at a centrally located hotel such as AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel which offers close proximity to the best street food in town.


Bang Khun Non

This well-reputed street food district is renowned for featuring some of the finest street food in all of Bangkok. You will find some outstanding restaurants in this locality, serving up delicacies like pork leg over rice (khao ka moo), pink noodle soup (yen ta fo) and pbet yang (roast duck).


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Meet the Mixologist: Buntanes “Pop” Direkrittikul – Tasting the “Creative Juices”

How does a delectable cocktail sound after an incredible day of shopping in the best city in the world? Just as its mouth-watering gastronomy, Bangkok is famous for continually teasing the taste buds of cocktail lovers. Made by experts like Buntanes “Pop” Direkrittikul, these cocktails might just cap off your incredible Bangkok getaway.


Starting off an incredible career


The talented yet untapped resource, Buntanes “Pop” Direkrittikul started his career at Eat Me. A prominent eatery in the Bangkok dining scene, Eat Me has been serving customers a flavourful experience for almost two decades.


A Definite Stopover


While the many riverside restaurants in Bangkok keep up with the much-loved reputation for sumptuous delicacies in the capital, Eat Me offers a chic vibe with a jaw-dropping collection of food and beverages. Those who are based at nearby accommodation options such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort should not forget to sip a cocktail or two here after a sumptuous dinner.


Learned from the best


Buntanes Direkrittikul’s chance to shine came just as the former head bartender at Eat Me resigned. He had the greatest opportunity of learning from an industry star, the prominent bar consultant, Joseph Boroski.


“Pop” Direkrittikul Specialties


Sip Some Thai cocktail collection at Eat Me features creative concoctions of “Pop” Direkrittikul. Do not forget to try out the one-off lab moo that tastes like minced pork and rice with a side of salad, or the cocktail that’s fashioned after a papaya salad with fermented fish.


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The Most Common Drinks in Thailand – Quench Your Thirst

The beverage culture in Thailand is quite exciting. Besides Thai beer that is extremely popular among visitors, the country offers a variety of colourful and delicious drinks for teetotalers.


Here are some of the best options;


Cha Yen

This is a very sweet Thai iced tea. Cha Yen is made out of black tea and sweetened condensed milk, served with ice and some evaporated milk on the top. This is a bright orange drink often served in Thai restaurants such as the ones in resorts like Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.



Cha Manao

Directly translated as lime tea, this is perfect for all tea lovers. This is brewed similar to Cha Yen but instead of the condensed milk, it is mixed with squeezed lime. This is common beverage found anywhere including street venders, city hotels, beach resorts and at riverside restaurants in Bangkok.


Nam Manao

This is simply lime juice served with water and sugar. It is the perfect refreshing drink to ease the humidity and heat from tropical Thailand and to even out spicy Thai curries. Most restaurants serve the drink with sugar syrup on the side to sweeten it as you like.


Sweet flavoured milk

This is a scrumptious drink made out of milk, coloured and flavoured syrup and ice. It’s a very sweet drink that compliments most flavorful Thai dishes.


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