The Art of Balinese Cooking – Indulge in your Culinary Passions!

A passionate foodie with a zest for whipping up some delicious food? Then maybe enrolling yourself in a cooking class, the next time you’re in Bali would be a great must-do activity!


The Cuisine

Using an aromatic blend of spices, fresh vegetables, meat and seafood, the Balinese cuisine steadfastly demonstrates various indigenous traditions and other influences from the Indonesian region.


The Spices

Spices and seasoning play a major role in the cuisine. Basa Gede or Basa Rajang happens to be the cornerstone of many Balinese dishes. The paste includes spices such as garlic, cumin, salam leaves and shrimp paste among others. Bumbu is another seasoning used while sambal matah are popular condiments.

Cooking Schools to Check out

Many cooking schools of repute have sprung up over the recent years in Bali, given the huge number of travellers and tourists, the hub draws in. Several places to check out would include ” Taste of Bali and ”Anika Cooking Class”, both of which can be easily reached from many a Bali resort hotel including the likes of Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort.


Popular Dishes

Dishes which have gained fame throughout the world include the Balinese sate or Sate Lilit made from spiced mincemeat pressed on to lemongrass sticks. The Bebek Betutu is duck stuffed with various spices, wrapped in banana leaves and left to roast in a pit of embers.

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New Culinary Grove of Seminyak – Culinary Hotspots

Balinese cuisine is the most complex in the world being made up of indigenous cooking styles mixed up with cuisines from Indonesia’s various regions and Chinese and Indian influences.


MoonLite Kitchen & Bar


Occupying pride of place at Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort the MoonLite Kitchen & Bar is one of Bali’s top eateries by no coincidence. Specializing in contemporary Asian cuisine the locale takes Asian favourites to new heights with an impressive wine collection complementing the menu.


Mama San Kitchen, Bar & Lounge
This is also one of the popular restaurants in Seminyak. Located in Seminyak the Mama San Kitchen, Bar & Lounge is an all encompassing dining hub with innovation and an Asian flare at its core.


Locavore Restaurant
Situated in Ubud the Locavore Restaurant just may be Bali’s favourite continental cuisine hotspot. Providing diners with a thoughtful menu with an interesting approach to international cuisine the eatery is one of the islands smallest but most exclusive dining venues as well.


Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique
Revered as a destination dining heartland, Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique put Bali and Ubud on the dining map of the world quite by storm. Available by reservation only, this elegant locale occupying a tropical garden in Jalan Raya Sanggingan is a must-dine highlight for French food lovers from around the world.

Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.


Dining in Tanjung Benoa – Dining Experiences to Suit Every Palate and Budget

Indonesia’s most popular island is famous the world over for its rolling waves for surfing, fascinating sites for diving, adrenalin pumping water sports, tantalizing dining experiences and pulsating nightlife. This is Bali. Beach resort accommodation can be found all along the beachfront, while the beaches themselves are always buzzing with activity. Though this tropical island has warm weather all year around, to get the very best Bali has to offer head to the Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa.


The biggest attraction in Tanjung Benoa is naturally the beach, quieter and less crowded than Kuta and Seminyak. The former fishing village has retained much of its charm from a bygone time. It is located at the very tip of the Nusa Dua Peninsula and enjoys wide reaching ocean views on both sides. There are local markets, temples and shops to explore but in recent times it has been gaining popularity in leaps and bounds as a favourite dining area for tourists. Options range from star class hotel restaurants, even a French fine dining restaurant and a wide array of standalone restaurants and bars lining the noteworthy Jalan Pratama Road to the traditional ‘warung’ or small family owned shops and cart vendors you will encounter lining the streets. Restaurants, eateries and bars have sprung up everywhere you look and all the stops have been pulled out to make for the very best Bali dining experience. A number of restaurants offer free transport to go with complementary drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi.


Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.