The Top 4 Burger Restaurants in Abu Dhabi – Mouth-Watering Monster Burgers

Burgers, originating from America have become a popular food choice in many parts of the world, including Abu Dhabi. Here are some of the best burger restaurants in the emirate.


Bel Mondo


Bel Mondo is famous for their cheeseburger, comprising of a fresh beef patty, crunchy greens and local cheese. Diners can even sit back and enjoy shisha while snacking on this scrumptious burger. Bel Mondo can be found on Hamdan Street in Al Markaziyah.


The Palm


The Palm, a restaurant part of Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Resorts, serves international cuisine and some of the best burgers in the area. In Sir Bani Yas Island, activities offered by the resort can take its toll on you, so make sure to load up on all the calories each day!


Café Arabia


Café Arabia is the ideal place to taste burgers in a local Arabian setting. The café also serves a variety of other dishes on top of amazing service. Café Arabia is located in Villa No 224/1, 15th Street in Abu Dhabi.


The One Café


The One Café is a chic New York themed café offering an assortment of mouth watering gourmet burgers accompanied with homemade ketchup! The One Café can be found on Sheikh Zayed 1st Street, Khalidiya.


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Gluten-Free Dining in Abu Dhabi – How to keep-up with your gluten-free Diet when in Abu Dhabi

Over the past several decades many of us have distanced ourselves from gluten. Although gluten is responsible for the chewy quality in some foods, it is known to cause certain celiac diseases. If you also have sworn off gluten and are planning to enjoy a memorable time in the glamorous corners of Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to dine at these gluten-free flavour spots.

Firin Gluten Free Bakery, Abu Dhabi


Even though the city seems to be swamped with many Abu Dhabi desert restaurants, many on a gluten-free diet choose to dine at the Firin Bakery. A pioneer in introducing gluten free menus to Abu Dhabi, the Firin Bakery is also decorated with recycled wood furniture.


Jones the Grocer


If you are done savouring the sumptuous Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies at well known dining venues at properties such as Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, visit Jones the Grocer for one or two bites of delicious gluten-free desserts.

BOA Steakhouse


If you are looking for a mouth-watering steak, visit the BOA Steakhouse for a flavourful experience. Their gluten free menu boasts appetisers, pasta and almost every kind of side.

Pizzaro, Abu Dhabi


A place to sample the best Italian flavours, be it pasta, pizza or even delicious desserts, Pizzaro also offers a gluten-free menu.



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Best Pizzas in Abu Dhabi – Taste them all

Pizza is a delicious delicacy loved by all and available almost everywhere, prepared with unique culinary twists. Known for its delicious flavours, here are some of the best places to munch on delicious and crunchy pizza when in Abu Dhabi.




This is a vibrant restaurant decorated in blue and green to give the ambience of a dining room. Burata is common in ingredients added to salads and antipasti dishes. The restaurant is open from 12.30pm to 3pm for lunch and from 7pm to 11pm for dinner.




This is a stylish restaurant which is known to have won awards for its supreme flavours of pizza. Restaurant is open daily from 12pm to 3pm for lunch and from 7pm to 11pm for dinner. The La scura ai frutti di mare or the Dark Seafood Pizza (it has a charcoal base) is a hit here.


Seafood pizza (1).jpg



With a casual and relaxed ambience, it is a wonderful weekend hangout spot for most people. This is one of the best restaurants in Eastern Mangroves district and is only a short drive away from most luxury hotels in the district such as Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara. The Frutti di mare is a lip-smacking delight you must try when in the restaurant.


Caramel Restaurant & Lounge Abu Dhabi

This is a cozy hangout spot serving modern American cuisine. The restaurant is open daily from 6pm to 1am.The tuna pizza with fresh tuna and shallot pickles is definitely a highlight.


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