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Specialized Dining in Colombo – Gastronomical Delight

Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and in the recent past it has blossomed into a cosmopolitan city. Home to diverse cultures and many expatriates, Colombo has been shaping itself to suit the varying needs of all its residence. Starting with street side stores the city has many top dining places. A Colombo city hotel has become an increasingly popular choice among tourists to stay and explore and make the most of Colombo. A new addition to this list has been The Steuart by Citrus. Located in the heart of the city it is a hotel that incorporates the Scottish style into its design and is an excellent option for the Business traveler, where they can come back after a long day and unwind.

The island is known for its very own cuisine as well as it also allows room for other cuisines to thrive. There are numerous restaurants that have rose to their prime fame in the city.

One of the favorites among many is the Gallery Café, located in a very artsy environment that serves some of the authentic Sri Lankan delights as well as a fusion of various cuisines.

Being an island, the dining experience would not be complete without some restaurants specializing in Seafood. One that tops this list is the Ministry of Crab. Run by one of Sri Lanka’s renowned chefs and two internationally famous cricketers, this is any seafood lover’s dream destination. Serving authentic Sri Lankan delicacies as well as Seafood specialties from around the world.

Some of the names that top the experience for a perfect Sri Lankan meal are Nuga Gama in the Cinnamon Grand premises, Curry Leaves by Hilton and Upali’s by Nawaloka. Serving the nest of the Sri Lankan cuisine, which most people visiting Sri Lanka for the first time should try.


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