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Local cuisine New Zealand – Savour the authentic taste of New Zealand cuisine

Described as Pacific Rim, New Zealand cuisine has a distinctive taste that is derived greatly from the seasonal variations and local ingredients used by locals. Drawing much inspiration from Asian, European and Polynesian influences, the cuisine in New Zealand offers a range of mouth-watering delights for the travellers, from pork, crayfish and pipis to tamarillo, cervena and pavlola.

Having close similarities to the local cuisine of Australia, the cuisine of New Zealand incorporates a blend of influences to create a unique flavour. As a multicultural and multiethnic country, most of the dishes that are served in restaurants and cafes offer an insight to the range of cuisine available. Travellers will be able to have a fulfilling experience, experimenting and savouring the flavours of the delectable cuisine. Providing an ultimate culinary experience, tasting New Zealand cuisine will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.
The food styles in New Zealand are quite different from the other international food styles. Having a rich heritage of Maori culture, most of the dishes have traditional influences. However, since the 1970s, more and more contemporary elements have been incorporated to its native cuisines, including Indian and New American influences. Combining ingredients that have been harvested from its rich agricultural landscape, New Zealand cuisine boasts of fresh food. The pride of the country, New Zealand’s thriving agricultural industry have contributed immensely to the distinct range of flavours tasted in its native cuisines as most of the ingredients have been harvested from its rich pastoral landscape and surrounding ocean and rivers.
A key defining feature of New Zealand cuisine is its flavours tend to be always fresh. Having a subtle hint of spiciness, the distinctly New Zealand dishes are usually anything that involves lamb and venison. Renowned for their innovative style, New Zealanders are famous to host barbeques in their backyard garden as many are seen cooking up a storm for a large crowd. Playing a significant facet of Kiwi Culture, the barbeques usually involve an array of sea food, including shellfish and lobster. Fresh produce is a must when preparing food as locals usually indulge in a leisurely trip to the farmers market to buy a range of fresh vegetables.
For a real treat of New Zealand cuisine, a must try is the traditional Maori Hangi. Its smoky flavours are bound to captivate the travellers, enabling them to sink into a pleasurable dining experience. Preparations for the dish involve the food to be cooked underground where a deep hole is dug and is lined with red-hot stones. Essentially, it should be covered with vegetation, where the food, a mixture of lamb, chicken, potatoes and sweet potato are placed on top. Similar to an oven, the underground pit is sprinkled with water. Later, it is sealed with more vegetation and the hole is filled with earth. The locals then leave it to steam for several hours. A visit to New Zealand is incomplete if one does not indulge in this traditional New Zealand meal.
Those searching for a Wellington New Zealand hotel have many options to consider. One that would come to mind is Copthorne Hotel Wellington Oriental Bay. Offering one of the finest restaurants Wellington New Zealand, guests staying here are bound to have an exceptional stay.

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