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    The only thing more comforting than the smell of a warm cup coffee hanging in the air is the taste of it. Adelaide has more than its fair share of coffee spots catering to the large population of coffee drinkers. … Continue reading

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  • Traditional Khmer Cooking Clas…

    The exploration and indulgence of the cuisine of a place of travel is undoubtedly an integral component of experiencing its culture. As the cuisine is derived and shaped from the natural surroundings of the resident communities, it often provides a … Continue reading

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    In most societies, a set of rigidly-fascinating customs are followed when partaking of a meal. Digressing from the norm can be an alienating feeling, especially in a country like Japan where eating is an art in itself. From taking off … Continue reading

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  • Wine & Dine in Colombo …

    In the isle of Sri Lanka, your adventures will take you beyond tropical pleasures to places where the food is beyond compare. The capital of the country is a meeting place for all cultures and in this busy city the … Continue reading

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  • A Foodie Tour of Adelaide – …

    Merriam-Webster describes a ‘foodie’ as being, “a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads.” Basically if you love good food and are not afraid to try new dishes then you classify as a foodie. That being said, … Continue reading

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  • Dining in Tanjung Benoa – Di…

    Indonesia’s most popular island is famous the world over for its rolling waves for surfing, fascinating sites for diving, adrenalin pumping water sports, tantalizing dining experiences and pulsating nightlife. This is Bali. Beach resort accommodation can be found all along the … Continue reading

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Culinary Delights in Macau -gastronomic delights of the country and beyond

Macau is an enchanting and an exciting city on the move, but it never loses its unique blend of European and Chinese cultures that have evolved over four centuries. Macau’s architecture, religious rituals, customs and cuisines reflect Macau’s unique cultural heritage. Macau is home to 25 UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites. This unique city has some of the best cuisines in the world. A Visit to Macau at any time of the year is a delicious feast for all the senses, not least the taste buds. Savory or sweet, Western or Asian, a full-blown banquet or merely a simple snack, the plentiful gastronomic legacy of Portugal, China and Macau and the best of international cuisine converge in a menu that is tantalizingly varied. There are a wide variety of Macau Restaurants for tourists to try out. The Starworld Macau is a luxury hotel, located on a prime location giving guests a bird’s eye view of the magical city of Macau. The rooms at the hotel are fabulous, with a powder room, attached bathroom and a number of facilities and amenities. There is an infinity pool, which is located on the 17th floor, giving out a bird’s eye view of the city so that the guests can enjoy, while swimming. There is a range of international and authentic Chinese culinary delights offered at the Star world.


From breakfast to supper, there are many culinary delights to satisfy your every craving in a colorful local cuisine that is influenced by both Portuguese and Chinese traditions. Chinese or Thai, Italian or American, every cuisine can be found in Macau. From simple local snacks right through to the acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants, can be found in this enchanting city. Macau’s own culinary heritage is delicious and varied, from Portuguese-inspired custard tarts and salted cod to the traditional Macanese favorites of pork chop buns and sweet, melt-in-the-mouth almond cookies.


Intrigued by history, art and food, Shazzana Hamid is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary. Disguised as Lavinia Woolf she writes of the exhilarating and enchanting.


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