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Best food to eat in Colombo – The tried and tested!

The local cuisine in Sri Lanka is something every traveller must attempt, and if you are staying in the commercial hub of Colombo, you have quite a few things to taste before you leave.


Galle Face

Sunset by the beach is something that is a blessing when living in a city, and Galle Face is the spot to head to when you crave some view that isn’t made up of buildings. The variety of restaurants and snack shops on the promenade are a must try, especially the local favourites like the Isso Wade, a prawn delicacy.

Dine by the waters

Beach dining in Colombo is not available in all hotels, but if you are in the mood to have a quiet dinner by the waters with your loved one, checking out places like Berjaya Hotel Colombo would be a good idea.

Ministry of Crab

Located within the walls of Dutch Hospital Colombo, this is quite the coveted restaurant that specialises in, you guessed it, crabs! They are usually packed to the brim due to well-deserved popularity, thus, make a booking before you head over.

Good Market

For healthy eating options, and loading up on superfoods and snacks, you might want to head over to the Good Market shop in Colombo 7.



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