Importance of a good breakfast – Begin your day right

Everyone knows that eating breakfast is the most vital thing to do to begin your day well, but do you ever wonder why you should? Read on.

The King Meal

For years now, our elders have asked us to never miss breakfast. They also say that one should eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a common man and dinner like a poor man. Meaning; a heavy breakfast, a medium lunch and light dinner.


Skipping breakfast leads to overeating at later meals like lunch or dinner say, experts and doctors. This will also help you maintain your weight over time, as your meals at the end of the day will not be as large as it would with no breakfast.

How to manage time

Even if you are late for work or have someplace to be, try your best to grab breakfast on your way. Top restaurants in Colombo offer healthy breakfast options now and you could stop at a place like Rare at Residence and have a bite before you go on your way.

Having the edge

Scientists also state that having breakfast daily gives you an advantage over the breakfast skippers by giving you better abilities to enhance your attention, memory, information processing speed, creativity and overall abilities that make one smart.

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Popular cuisine in Maldives – Experience Exquisite Tropical Delicacies

The Maldives Islands have a unique cuisine that is flavourful, healthy for the most part, and influenced from a range of cuisines such as Sri Lankan, Indian and even Chinese.


Bis Keemiya

This is the Maldivian equivalent of samosa, and is a delicious snack consisting of a rolled and battered pancake filled with a sautéed mix of shredded cabbage, hardboiled eggs, onions and spices. You’re almost guaranteed to love this.



This is a pasty mix of tuna, coconuts, onions and chilli, and is almost like the nutritional backbone of the nation. Millions consume this as a breakfast dish, and it is considered a national dish. You can find this dish anywhere when dining in the Maldives, from humble food-shacks, to lavish restaurants in resorts such as Velassaru Maldives.



This is another one of the finest snacks in the Maldives, and is made by putting mashuni into balls of roti-dough and then frying them to form small frikadel-like creations.


Saagu Bondibai

A dining experience isn’t complete without dessert, and this is one of the best sweet-treats you can find in the nation. It’s a pudding made with sago, coconut milk, cardamom, condensed milk and rose essence. It’s delicious and definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Unique Dishes of Algarve – Foodies take notes!


A pork, prawn and clams Cataplana

A pork, prawn and clams Cataplana | Img By : Kolforn (Wikimedia) (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons



Algarve is known for its picture-perfect beach strip overlooking the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean and intense flavors of exotic seafood and other culinary delights. Here are a few unique dishes you will only taste when in Algarve.




This is Atlantic cod and is one of the most popular dishes in Algarve. This is a dish prepared in over 360 different recipes by restaurants and hotels all over the country such as Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Algarve Resort. It is also a household staple in festive occasions such as Christmas.




This is a seafood stew prepared with tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, shellfish, fish and white wine. Filled with intense flavor this is a fisherman’s favorite.



Ameijoas à Bulhao Pato

It is quite accurate to call this Algrave’s Signature dish, thus available at any local restaurant or Algarve resort. This is dish, rich in flavor prepared with clams, garlic, onion, coriander, olive oil and white wine. Usually served with crunchy white bread this is a must try for the ultimate Portuguese experience.



Caldo Verde

This is a very brothy soup cooked with chorizo sausage, potato, garlic and curly kale. Its thick, tasty and you will definitely want more than one serving.



Frango Piri-Piri-

This is a very spicy dish. And is, in fact, the Portuguese twist to the iconic chicken Piri-Piri.
Marinated chicken (marinated with spicy Piri-Piri) is grilled with coal to prepare this delicacy.








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