Why Seychellois Cuisine is a Reflection of the Country’s Multiculturalism – Food for Thought!

Due to its resplendence, the country has evolved in to a fine tourist destination with the larger of the islands boasting of many a Seychelles beach resort.

Fresh and Refreshing

The proximity to the African continent, the influence of passersby from Europe and the impact of the rich culture of the Asian neighbours are very apparent when you seat yourself to dine at any restaurant or hotel in Seychelles starting from AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa to the food bazaars down town. Many islands are self sufficient as far as their meals are concerned; therefore, you will only be served the freshest of seafood, vegetables and fruits.


Spice it Up
Spices play a key role in the food with coconut milk being the base for most gravy. Rice and breadfruit are a constant inclusion in their meal as a source of carbohydrate. The cooking of pulao rice and masala curries would have been adopted from Indian counterparts while the Chinese have introduced the consumption of giant crabs and pork.


The Indigenous List

In addition to these dishes that bear testimony to the presence of multiple cultures, there are items on any menu that are almost completely indigenous. For instance the locals consume a particular species of bats known as fruit bats and shark chutney which is a preferred accompaniment of rice actually does consist of shark flesh.


Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world.


Glenelg’s Food Culture -Choose from a variety!

Delicious Cuisines

Delicious Cuisines | Img. by: [joshuemd,  Creative Commons CC0 via Pixabay ]

In Glenelg, Adelaide, food is something not to be missed when on a vacay. You’ll come across all kinds of delicious cuisines while staying here. So here’s the best of the best in Glenelg.


Asian Food


Glenelg’s Asian food culture is pretty happening. Most of the best restaurants are located along Jetty Road which provided easy access to not just the good eateries but also to many options for accommodation Glenelg such as the Oaks Plaza Pier. Head over to Glenelg Spices that serves up a range of mouthwatering noodles or the Simply Sushi restaurant that provides heavenly Japanese cuisine.


Indian Food


Spice up your holiday in Glenelg with a visit to the Bay of Bengal located along Partridge Street! Also checkout Cafe Pantai and the Pride of India restaurants.




The food of the gods! Don’t miss out on your weekly pizza night when in Glenelg as the city’s got great options. The Glenelg Pizza House along Jetty Rod serves scrumptious pizza as well as sensational Italian cuisine. There’s also the Goodlife Modern Organic Pizza if you want to eat healthy.


Pubs & Bars


Whether you’re planning on chilling with your mates or just enjoying a little something on your own, Glenelg’s got a pretty good collection of bars and pubs to suit your mood. Options vary from the Pier One Bar to the Sol Bar, Horizons Cocktails Lounge and The Grand Bar, to name a few.




Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world.Google+

Wine Tasting in Hunter Valley – It’s always wine o’ clock!

Wine tasting is a beautiful art as well as a wonderful hobby for many. The charm of relishing the exquisite flavours of shimmering red liquid is certainly one that should be tried out by all. Famed as one of Australia’s main wine producing regions Hunter Valley is a scenic landscape two hours away from Sydney. Hunter Valley is a dream come true for food and wine lovers and an amazing getaway to spend time in the countryside away from the bustling city life. Visitors staying in a strategically located Hunter Valley resort such as the Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort will have easy access to the boutique wineries.

Wine tasting begins with the taster getting a good look at the colour of the wine. By tilting the glass a little you will be able to compare the colour changes of the wine from the centre to the edges. It is a profession and a hobby which is as old as the production of wine. Since the beginning of the manufacturing of wine began, folks have taken pleasure in tasting wine both to ensure quality and standards as well as to discover a beautiful hobby. However, wine tasting is not to be left strictly to the professionals.

Even those who would like to indulge in the activity as a hobby can do so keeping their personal standards and preferences when it comes to tastes in mind. Wine tasting is essentially done to establish the complexity and character of the wine, the potential which simply means suitability for drinking or ageing as well as the possible faults. In order to rule out the possibilities of bias and prejudice, wine tasting is generally conducted as a blind test. The bottle, label or the manufacturer of the wine is unknown to the taster at the time of tasting.

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world.