A Guide to the Best Food Souvenirs to Get in Hong Kong – The Best Treats to Take Home!

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most truly astonishing cosmopolitan cities and there are a ton of souvenirs you could take home. The best ones, however, are the edible kind.

Panda Biscuits

These are fairly iconic of the Far East and are absolutely delicious. These chocolate-flavoured cookies are shaped like Pandas and come in delightful boxes depicted a cartoon Panda’s face. They are ideal for both indulging in or even gifting to your friends.

Dragons_beard_candy | By Richard Lai (myself) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Dragons_beard_candy | By Richard Lai (myself) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Dragon’s Beard Candies

These sweets are an exquisite mix of peanuts, and sesame filling coated in a thread-like substance similar to cotton candy which is what led to the item’s name. Although these are best when they are fresh, there are several brands that sell them in packaged form.

Ding Ding Candies

These are a classic treat and are named after the sounds that result from the candy-makers breaking the hand candy into smaller pieces. If you’re staying at a Hong Kong hotel along the likes of Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong you’re going to have to explore snack-shops/groceries along street corners since it’s hard to find these in the usual supermarkets.

Chocolate Ramen/Instant Noodles

Yes, these are packets of instant noodles with sachets of chocolate sauce within them. They’re meant to be some sort of dessert-noodle dish and would definitely make an interesting souvenir.

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What to eat in Phuket – Best four Phuket dishes

Being a rainforested island paradise and located at the south of Thailand, Phuket is influenced by traditional Thai cuisine and it is home to some of the some of the most colorful and flavorful dishes you can ever taste.

Tom yam Goong| Img by: Waratharn via Pixabay

Tom yam Goong

This dish is a mixture of sour soup and spicy and flavorful prawn and a dish that is loved by many in Phuket.the soup made from coconut milk, red chilli, mushroom, herbs and other spices. You can also find other versions of this soup that features meat or poultry but if you are in Phuket the ideal and most flavourful ingredient to go is the prawn. You can find this dish in almost all the restaurants in Phuket.

Mee Hokkien noodle

This is a delicious stir-fried dish with its star ingredients being, thick yellow fried noodles, prawns, pork, squids, egg and bean sprouts, the taste and the ingredients varies from place to place but no matter where ever you order this dish you’ll definitely be in for a flavorful treat.

The Massaman Curry

This decadent curry dish will surely make you fall in love with Thai cuisine. Unlike other fiery hot Thai curries, the Massaman curry is a little sweet. Massaman curry has different variations depending on what the main ingredient is. It can be pork, beef or fish and it is commonly served with steamed rice or noodles.

Dim sun

Being the last dish on our list, the Dim sun is one of the most delicious and visually appealing Thai dishes you can ever try. This is basically a Chinese food that has been given a Thai twist with the tropical ingredients from Phuket. Dim sum is small steamed or fried savoury dumplings that are made into bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates.

Where to find these dishes?

These food delicacies can be found in almost all the restaurants and street food stalls around Phuket. But if you are a traveller who seeks luxury indulgence and want to have a taste of these decadent dishes you can find them at Kata Rocks which is a luxury resort with a collection of Phuket luxury villas in Thailand.



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Importance of a good breakfast – Begin your day right

Everyone knows that eating breakfast is the most vital thing to do to begin your day well, but do you ever wonder why you should? Read on.

The King Meal

For years now, our elders have asked us to never miss breakfast. They also say that one should eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a common man and dinner like a poor man. Meaning; a heavy breakfast, a medium lunch and light dinner.


Skipping breakfast leads to overeating at later meals like lunch or dinner say, experts and doctors. This will also help you maintain your weight over time, as your meals at the end of the day will not be as large as it would with no breakfast.

How to manage time

Even if you are late for work or have someplace to be, try your best to grab breakfast on your way. Top restaurants in Colombo offer healthy breakfast options now and you could stop at a place like Rare at Residence and have a bite before you go on your way.

Having the edge

Scientists also state that having breakfast daily gives you an advantage over the breakfast skippers by giving you better abilities to enhance your attention, memory, information processing speed, creativity and overall abilities that make one smart.

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