What to Eat in Koh Samui – A Toothsome Experience!

The island of Koh Samui is saturated with stalls and restaurants that serve decadent food and this is why you would never go hungry in when you are here!


Pad Thai

Pad thai is one of the most popular noodle dishes served among street food stalls and many other Koh Samui restaurants. This dish is made from dried rice noodles which are soaked in water and then stir-fried along with egg, tamarind sauce, fish sauce, garlic, dried fish, lime, red chilli pepper, tofu and bean sprout.

Kway Tao

This dish is a noodle soup which is loved by almost all Thais. The broth for this flavourful soup is made with beef pork or chicken. When ordering this dish you get to choose from two types of noodles and 4 kinds of meat: beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. The bowl also contains vegetables are and it is spiced up with a generous amount of chilli, white vinegar fish sauce, and other seasonings.


Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay is originally an Indonesian food that has somehow made its way to Thailand. This is a popular comfort food that can be savoured in almost all the food stalls and restaurants in Koh Samui.

Khao Mok Kai

Thai people love their rice and you can find popular Thai rice dishes in almost all the restaurants, stalls and even at resorts like Sunset Coast Samui Resort & Villas when you are in Koh Samui. Among the most loved Thai rice dishes Khao Mok Kai has a unique place in the hearts of Thais and it is certainly a must-try dish when you are in Thailand.


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Maldivian Cuisine – An Amazing Culinary Sensation

Malaysian cuisine is influenced by Chinese, Indian and Malay flavours. The best way to understand these different kinds of flavours is to try out some delicious Malaysian dishes.


Mee Goreng Mamak

This dish is scrumptious indeed! Mee Goreng Mamak is a fried noodles dish which is served with spicy and thickened sweet sauce. This spicy dish is further tossed with tiger prawns, tomato wedges, green onions and fried tofu squares.

Nasi kerabu

This Malaysian dish is popular during the month of Ramadhan. It’s a blue rice which is naturally coloured by crushing Telang flowers. It also includes a variety of raw vegetables and fresh herbs. The fragrance of this dish will surely entice your taste buds!

File:Nasi kerabu.jpg

amrufm from Shah Alam, Malaysia, Nasi kerabuCC BY 2.0

Mas huni

Mas huni is a traditional Maldivian dish and it includes shredded tuna with onion, chilies, and coconut. This dish is eaten with sweetened hot tea and freshly baked roshi flatbread. A good way to begin scouring the island for the very best of its cuisine will be to first check into a preferred choice of accommodation. Do take note of Niyama Private Islands Maldives, which has its own range of restaurants in Maldives that serve delectable local and international fare.

File:Mashuni (382668832).jpg

╚ DD╔ from Male, Maldives, Mashuni (382668832)CC BY-SA 2.0

Nasi Kandar

This is a Northern Malaysian dish of steamed rice which is served with a variety of curries and side dishes. If you adore Malaysian rice dishes, this is something you can’t miss! When Nasi Kandar is paired with fried fish, beef and fragrant curries, the alluring aroma emanated from the dish is inexplicable.

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Comprehensive Guide to Foodies in Doha – For all Food Lovers Who Crave Succulent Twists

Cuisine forms an essential part of any culture and such a thought is more evident in Doha. While enjoying your holiday in Doha, try out the array of food on offer in this part of Asia.

Al Jamal Restaurant

When talking about the foodie folklore of Doha, one cannot forget the Al Jamal Restaurant since it features some of the exotic Middle-Eastern food. This place is an ideal spot for those who are in search of Pakistani food. If you visit this restaurant on a Friday, do not forget to savour their chicken biriyani. Those residing at one of the many Doha apartments the likes of Somerset West Bay Doha will be able to reach this restaurant within 15 minutes.


Lord of the Wings

Here is a chance for all the meat cravers to embark on an amazing gastronomic journey when in Doha. Staying true to its name, the Lord of the Wings restaurant mainly offers chicken wings. In addition, you’ll find Casual American food including flatbreads, burgers, and sandwiches. You will have the chance to select your favourite sauce from the ‘Sauceology Index’s.


Supper Club

If you are holidaying in Doha, head over to Supper Club to indulge in an exceptional dining experience with its three-course menu. If you enter this place between 5 pm to 7 pm you can enjoy your favourite dish just for QR100 and it applies to all its outlets including Spice Market and La Spiga.



You’ll find no better place in Qatar to savour authentic Brazilian cuisine than at Copacabana. This fascinating restaurant is based on the concept of Brazilian Churrascaria. In order to enhance the overall dining experience, poultry and prime cut meat are prepared in a traditional Brazilian grill right in front of you!


Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+