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5 of the Finest Food Trucks in Tokyo – Savour on the Go

Restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines. But if you are bored with restaurants, there is an alternative in Tokyo: food trucks. If you want to take your time trying out all the various food trucks, you might find it convenient to stay at hotels or Tokyo serviced apartments like Somerset Shinagawa Tokyo, so that you can spread out your sampling of the delicacies they offer, over several days.

For a start, step into Adwee Lalawee food truck. The truck is famous for its hand-drawn portraits. That said, Adwee Lalwee is really a wooden cart connected to a bicycle rear run by the bicycle chef Hiroyuki Makino whose expertise is Pad Thai. Another food truck you must try out is Plus Spice. This mobile eatery serves justice to its name. You will be alerted of its arrival by the spicy aroma emanating from the naan and curry that it serves. The truck is coloured in beige. You will get three curries: keema, vegetables and butter chicken. Interestingly Indian!

The ‘Garage 50’ food truck claims expertise on pizza. A small business seems to flourish inside this van. Yet you will be in for quite a wide range of pizzas. The pizza comes mostly with tomato, garlic oil, basil, white and maple syrup. All that comes on a mouth-wateringly thin crust.

Wish Fresh Salad is the place for salad lovers – essentially those who have salad as their meal. Even if you do not belong to that category, you will certainly enjoy Atsushi’s kitchen car and his extensive range of salad dressings. The toppings include mushrooms, bacon, lotus root and bell peppers. Honey mustard is one of the most popular dressings and is home-prepared. The chef keeps on adding new varieties to the menu. Ginger carrot soup is one of the recent additions available for 350 Yen. Salads are usually over by afternoon. But Atsushi’s kitchen does not run out of anything for latecomers too. Salads may be over, but you can still go for beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Pasadena Delicatessen Lunch Wagon steals the show, with its aroma stemming from the well-roasted chicken. Their lip-smacking chicken features in various types of dishes such as sandwiches, burgers and with roast potato and salad. 

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world.


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